• Utilize Social Media

Pintrest is a great resource for collecting and pinning ideas, fixtures, layouts and accents you come across on the web. It may also prove helpful when communicating ideas with us.





  • Secure Your Start Date Early

Prevent your project from becoming delayed for another season by retaining our services, as your preferred contractor, in advance.





  • Consider Your Budget

Research related costs and realistic estimates for quality service & materials that reputable (licensed and insured) contractors provide. Blessed Builders provides consistent quality and competitive pricing.



  • Attention to Details 

The more clarity you have for what you want & don't want for your project, will aid our performance and help prevent unnecessary delays. Make your selection of colors, fixtures, etc, early to avoid hasty selections and the misfortune of limited last minute options.




  • Create a Cookie Jar Account​

Setting funds aside to finance your project will afford you the advantage of obtaining every detail for your desired finish, and curtail unwanted project cuts.


  • Expect Good Bedside Manner 

As your contractor, we will be in your most private and valued space, your home! The services we provide will be respectful to your environment. Our goal as a reputable professional, is not just to service you today but to maintain a positive relationship for years to come.




  • Avoid Quick & Cheap

​Choosing a qualified contractor is essential. Quality materials, knowledgeable reliable service and attention to details are our priority! Avoid revisiting a project in future days or months due to substandard service by utilizing Blessed Builders. Inadequate service from unlicensed laborers can yield unsatisfactory results. Poor performance can ultimately more than double the initial cost of a given job (in corrections and do-overs). 



  • Adequately Prepare

Properly preparing the work space for us by removing, clearing and covering necessary items greatly benefits our partnership with you as your desired 

contractor. By considering our need for an unencumbered working environment, we can in turn efficiently bring our professional best to the job you have entrusted us to do.

8 Tips for Planning Your Next Project

    Proper Preparation

+ BLESSED BUILDERS' Dedicated Professionalism 

   Customer Satisfisfaction !    

The winning formula for Customer and Contractor